Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) –

Would you like to ask? Well, we have answers too!

Who are you folks? What are you employees?

We are like you, porn lovers, and like you we do not look to spend too much on porn. We give the largest porn companies, and many smaller companies, handwork in return for lower pricing to solve this predicament. We’re obviously doing well because we can often bring the price down to 80%!

Why would somebody reduce their price? 80% ?

That’s a good topic and depending on the unique situation of a porn organization, there are many potential answers. Some firms acquire their bandwidth months in advance and try to benefit from price decreases. When the bandwidth is too large, they provide membership prices at reduced rates. Large and medium-sized enterprises often lower annual memberships to try to keep you a little longer. Small companies often aim to make you realize the worth of their specialty content and it’s a wonderful method to achieve this to get you into the members area.

What about the memberships of lifetime?

Porn companies are keen to keep you more than a month as a subscriber. They’re also eager on a good handwork from us. So, by giving your members a considerable discount for the whole term of their membership, we merge the two ideas into one big concept. It is really a win-win for all concerned parties except our wrists!

Do I have promotional codes or vouchers to copy and paste?

Oh, fuckin’ no! Just choose an agreement and click the icons Purchase Now or Join Here to find the deal you’re interested in. It is not involved to copy, paste or clipe!

The discount I desire is that it has come to an end! What can I do?

Our partners will not enable us to discount their products without any kind of time constraint. Whenever the clock expires our server will check for a discount on the porn site before the clock is reset. Normally, it takes less than one minute. Try to reload the page and see whether the time is up!

What if I have problems with discount?

Without our awareness, it is highly rare for a discount to perish. Usually, cookies or your browser cache are problematic. If the discounted price is not seen on the attachment page, try clearing cookies for that website from your browser. Many plugins/extensions are available for this purpose. This one is advisable. It’s sometimes not enough to clear your cookies. You could have a cache page showing the incorrect pricing. In that situation, we suggest that you review this website for further information about refreshing the cache of your browser. You can contact us here if it still does not solve your problems and we will do our best to assist you in the resolution of it.

Will you spam me, or will you disclose my data?

We do not spam, however we can send you sweet nothings at times in your box promoting our greatest discounts, latest deals or other promotional savings. You do not share your personal information with third parties. It wasn’t us if you were spammed!

How about having a horrible deal experience?

However, we can in some situations aid you, especially when we fuck – as a false precious thing on our site – contact the firm you got the offer from. The contact details for the many firms that we work with can usually be found at the bottom of their joining sites. Please note that the billing company’s contact information is not always the same as the contact information for the website you joined. So always try first to contact the webmaster of the website.

Does the number of discounts that I can apply have limitations?

Our love of bargains, nevertheless, we do not set bounds. Each discount can only be used once. So if you just try a website you never tried before you go for the least affordable discount you usually have a month. If you like the site, then go to the lifetime deal and get on with it!

Am I constantly going to be charged USD?

For people in Europe, certain sites are converting to local currencies such as EUR. It’s going to vary amongst deals. We list our rates as they are in USD for the United States There may be a small variation, if a conversion is made, but the currency in which the payment is made will always be clearly indicated on the attachment page.

Have any advice for me?

Moreover, when shopping for porn at a discount rate, there are a few reservations!

Make sure to verify cross-sales are pre-checked throughout process. Usually they try to register you automatically to other websites you may not want to join. Keep scrolling up and down and side by side for the dance and to make sure that nothing is hidden in the margins. Make sure you do all this on the cancelation page again when you cancel. More you have to comply with the rule above, the higher the discount. If you think that there is even the farthest potential you can keep for another month… or six… or seven, you pay a little extra for a lifetime discount. At all times, you can cancel!